Charlotte Bunyan

Artist & Illustrator

Growing illustrator with a diverse portfolio of work covering a range of styles and techniques.

Experienced with a range of mediums and styles. I am always striving to improve and develop.


BA in Illustration

I’m currently studying a BA in illustration at Norwich University of the Arts, as an undergraduate I am still very keen to learn and grow as an illustrator. When working I am constantly developing my practice both in final outcomes as well as the way I get there. Learning new ways of doing things is something I find really interesting and something I will always be keen to do as part of my practice.

Digital proficiency

I am very confident using computers and a range of software. I Developed my knowledge of computers after studying computer science up to A level. This knowledge has given me really good confidence with computers and a better foundation in learning new software. I have found the development of using digital software has greatly impacted my work and my process. I enjoy working digitally and producing entirely digital outcomes however, I do not like to forget about the traditional processes that can give work a lot of character.


My methodology

One key aspect of my work is that it is diverse. When I create my work, I base it on the requirements and the brief as I want it to best fit what is needed. I enjoyed this as it allowed me to work creatively and adapt my work to best fulfil the requirements. Some of my projects that have used a combined method of watercolour paintings with digital refinements and additions have resulted in some of my best outcomes.